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Regional Deep Tissue

LaStone Therapy MassageUnlock your body’s natural ability to heal with a deep tissue massage that addresses specific areas of concern.

Alleviate painful conditions due to muscle constrictions and imbalances with this customized massage therapy. Specific muscles are palpated and manipulated through traditional techniques such as pin and stretch, compression, frictioning, myofascial, and trigger points. Continued treatments are recommended for re-educating muscular tissue and for pain management.

Recommended for ongoing treatment of chronic muscular concerns.

60 minutes - $100
90 minutes - $150
Cupping add on $10.00

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Margie Blackmore is simply the best DEEP TISSUE massage therapist I have ever known, and I have tried many. I have experienced significant skeletal muscular problems in the past 15 years due to a club foot condition at birth that, despite successful surgery at age 1 left me destined for significant orthopedic challenges that will never completely abate. I credit monthly deep tissue massage by Margie for greatly helping to allow me to advance from practically being an invalid at age 45 to now leading an extremely active lifestyle that includes running, biking, mountain climbing (4000 footers etc), skiing and much more. I feel that most important medical treatment that I recieve is my monthly massage with Margie.
- Tom, Northborough

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Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork since 2001.

Margie Blackmore
Certified Massage & Neuromuscular Therapist
401-465-3125 • margie@lettinggomassage.com
86 East Main Street • Westborough MA 01581

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